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Animal Transport

PetzRush strongly believes animal transport could be safe and enjoyable for any kind of pets . 

Please insure your Pet carriers must be large to provide your animal sufficient spaceto lie down,sleep ,stand or move around. Pet carries should be paw and nose proof and ventilation holes must be the correct size and impossible for the animal to fit his/her nose or paws in to it. 

Insure that your Pet is comfortable in the Carrier to make your Pets journey a happy one.


Animal Transport made easy by PetzRush

Choosing a Pet travel Agent

Like any proffesional service today Pet travel anywhere in the world has local and international regulations.


What licencing and Rules required for transporting pets with a Pet travel agent?

Pet movers must be licenced by the Pet moving authorities and have a proper shipping license.

Pet insurance is also very important and this should at the very least cover injury or even death of your Pet during the shipping process.

Choose your Pet travel Agent:

Before going ahead and choosing a company to be your personal Pet travel agent for your very important project, make sure to research that this Pet shipper understands your specific breed and Pet and that they have handled your breed on many occasions.

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To be a Pet owner and love a Pet can be one of the most beautiful things we have today!

We at PetzRush Pet travel always say if you haven't loved a Pet you have NOT lived!

Have a Pet to Love!

Wether a dog, cat, fish or any other pet you might like it is the most wonderful feeling when you feel loved by your Pet.

We urge anyone to love at least once in your life another creature and see just how your life will change! We guarantee this!

Have a Pet and find your companion now!

We at PetzRush absolutely adore every Pet we fly or transport and want everyone to know that we take great care of every single Pet we meet! Have a Pet and experience real true love!

PetzRush Pet travel TEAM!

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Cites listed Animals

CITES listed Animals

CITES (theConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora, also could be known as Washington Convention)

CITES were formed in the 1960s when there was an important international discussion of the trading of Wildlife.

Cites listed Animals today

Today CITES protects more than 35,000 species of Animals and Plants.

If an animal is not CITES listed no CITES Permit is needed for that animal to travel, this does not mean that no Health certificate is needed from any Country of origin or destination.

It is always better to make sure if an animal is CITES listed or not before travelling, as if a mistake is made with a CITES listed animal the results can be catastrophic.


 Permits for Cites listed Animals

Permits for Cites listed Animals must be obtained by an authorized CITES approved authority before any CITES plant/animal may travel.

Please see the CITES website for more information on obtaining CITES  permits or any other CITES information.

CITES listed Animals






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