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What is a Animal

An animal is someone that will love you and spend time with you regardless of who and what you are.

Animals will forgive you for whatever you have done to them in no time.

What is a Animal to us

Animals are a God given promise that there will always be hope outside what we have created on earth and we must never forget that!

Always be kind to nature as nature is not something that is just suppose to be taken for granted but a gift to us all from God.

What is a Animal in Nature?

Any Animal in Nature has so much to give back to us as humans we must strive to find this always!

Look at any Animal today and find the beauty that he / she has to give and strive to give that back to nature as we as humans must respect nature and what it has done for us today in our lives.


Petzrush Pet travel Team (What is a Animal?)

What is a Animalanimals av2

The life of Pets

Pets today has become something very special to everyone and anyone. The life of pets is crucial to humans and we should respect and love them at all times!

When you say the word 'Pets' to any kids today they go ballistic just to the sound of it!

The life of Pets with families

Families have at times many pets for many reasons, some of which can portray the beauty of the Pets / Pet itself!

We at PetzRush Pet travel believe that everyone should at some stage of their busy scheduled lives have time to say 'NOW I ALSO NEED A PET OR EVEN MANY PETS'. We have the celebrate the life of pets.

Your pet will always make time for you and be there when NO ONE else will, remember this always!

Message on the life of Pets

We urge everyone to take up at least one Pet just to have the feeling of enjoying the most incredible love anyone or anything has ever given you!

The Life of Pets

PetzRush Pet travel Team!

The life of PetsThe life of Pets


A dog

A dog is a wonderful thing in anyone's life today! A dog will always treasure his / her master with no questions asked!

Will a dog always be there?

When you are down a dog will be there!

When we cry he will be there!

Every time we come home from work, a dog will always meet us at the doorstep first.

Working with a dog and the luxury of having a dog!

Often we don't realize the beauty and luxury of having a dog or even two at home waiting for us and looking after our house while we absent.

We at PetzRush Pet travel have the privilege of working with do many different breeds of dogs on a daily basis through our kenneling or Pet transport division.

We see everyday how your stunning little loyal dog misses you when with us and awaits your return! And finally when you come the joy every single dog always shows when seeing his/her master is priceless and that is for sure one of the big reasons we at PetzRush Pet travel absolutely love what we do!!

A dog!

PetzRush Pet travel Team

A dogA dog


Pet Kennels

PetzRush provides your love one with Pet kennels and pet boarding kennels. All the pets in the kennel have an extreme amount of fun and exercise every day .

Pet Kennels MUST

The kennels are Clean and spacious, stunning green grass and blue sky above peeking the trees.

Pet Kennels more

Plenty of water and food are constantly available which will be sufficient for your loved one to have a very comfortable and relaxing holiday with PetzRush. 

PetzRush Team (Pet kennels)

958088Pet Kennels





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