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Is Animal transport safe?

The safety of Animal transport has been questioned for many years and we would like to point out a few things today.

Firstly when permorming such a difficult task yourself when the experience you might have with the process is very little or none at all then yes Animal transport can be a very difficult and sometimes not as safe as it should be.

Is Animal transport safe?

For most and hopefully surely all cases a professional is needed. Someone with many years of experience in Animal transport to make sure that all the necessary steps are taken when preparing Import permits, Export Permits, Health Certificates, Vaccine documents, Micro Chipping, Pet carriers and a few other important things needed in various countries when sending a loved one.

Is Animal transport safe?

So is animal transport safe? In most cases yes!

With that all said we are certain that if the procedure of Animal transport is done with care and everything is looked at by a professional then it should be 100% safe and comfortable for you and your loved one to travel!

PetzRush Team (Is Animal transport safe?)

Is Animal transport safe?Is Animal transport safe?

Pet carriers

A Pet carrier must be chosen with care and in better cases with a professional.

When choosing a Pet carrier for a dog the dog must be able to move freely in the carrier otherwise it will not be deemed fit to fly.

Obtaining Pet carriers

Pet carriers can be obtained at certain Pet shops and Vets.

It is always wise to ask the Pet shop or Vet which Carrier / Carriers will suite your Pet best.

Travelling of Pet carriers

A Pet travelling by Air will need a different Carrier than a Pet travelling by car so please make sure before your by any Pet carriers.

Pet carriersPet carriers

Miniature Maltese Puppies

The Maltese dog breed will always be a stunning companion in your family!

They do not have as much health issues than some other breeds from the toy group.

The Beauty of Miniature Maltese Puppies

Miniature Maltese Puppies are playful and gentle and usually have a very close bond with humans.

A Maltese will always be the first to have an urge to do an activity with the family like play, run, fetch or just simply be under your feet in the kitchen.

Nature of Miniature Maltese Puppies

A Maltese will be happy just to be by his/her owners side at all times.

We at PetzRush recommend a Maltese just for being so family orientated and loving!

PetzRush Team

Miniature Maltese PuppiesMiniature Maltese Puppies


A kennel / kennels is a safe place for dogs and cats to shelter or be kept safe in times of holiday or other reasons.

Kennels should always be kept clean and absolutely Pet friendly!

Kennels can be constructed in various materials some of the more polpular ones are canvas and obviously also wood.

When Kennels can be needed

One may need Kennels for mainly 2 reasons:

1 - Boarding Kennels

2 - Breeding Kennels

Boarding Kennels

When picking a boarding kennel be careful to choose wisely as your loved one will have to stay there while away from you.

We hope that the above will help you to understand what proper kenneling is all about.

PetzRush Pet travel team

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