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Pet travel or Pet transport can be fairly easy or daunting depending on the country of departure and arrival.

It is advisable to always have an expert Pet travel consultant assist you from day one. We can provide you with a Pet travel consultant to make all your pet travel arrangements a lot more comfortable and less stressful.

Pet transport has a few important things to keep in mind and we will cover only a few important factors in this document which is purely based on Pet shipping.

General Flight regulations for Pet travel and Pet Shipping


-          In most cases your Pet will require a Micro-Chip to be identified with a chip number before any Pet travel process may start.


-          Your Pet must be the correct age and have all needed Vaccines up to date.(Valid Rabies Vaccine… Older than 30 days but younger than 12 Months.)

-          Import Permit : PetzRush will assist you with getting an import permit from your Country which can be obtained at any State Vet usually before a Pet may travel in many cases.


-          Blood Tests: Titre Rabies Antibody blood test is needed in certain countries but we will advise you accordingly. At times for pet shipping other tests are needed which we will advise.


-          HEALTH CERTIFICATE and AIRWAY Bill we will supply you before the Pet shipping process starts.


When all paperwork is done the pet travel project may proceed and the documents will travel with your pet.


Please understand Pet travel or Pet shipping with PetzRush will be only our pleasure & priority and we will always make sure your Pet’s safety comes first!

Pet transport or Pet travel should always be done by a qualified proffesional for the sake of your loved ones.


PetzRush always understands that your first Pet travel experience will always be remembered for you and your Pet, so we always try keep your budget in mind and with pride can say our Pet travel rates are very competitive in our market.

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