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Why to visit a Doggy parlor Waterkloof Ridge at least once in your lifetime?

Doggy parlor Waterkloof Ridge - a heavenly place created by humans for the welfare of your furry friends. Do you ever feel stressed and tired, like every part of your body demands to take rest? Well, so does your dog. Have you ever imagined how much your dog stresses over trying to please you by bringing the ball you keep throwing repeatedly? The furious jumping and the restless breathing add up to the stress your dog feels. That is why you must visit a doggy parlour once in your lifetime.

1.   Because it is a dog heaven

When you take your dog to a doggy parlour, you are not just going to sit there alone while your dog sits inside to get a haircut. Yes, a doggy parlour is a great place for you to visit with your dog because not only it has a weird dog smell but also you cross paths with several other dogs and their parents. My motto of taking my dog to a doggy parlour is to see more dogs. If your dog gets well along with another dog then you can get a play date for them. You can take your dog to Doggy parlour Waterkloof Ridge for an amazing experience.

2.   Your Dogs get cleaner and happier

We owners do all we can to keep our dogs clean and bathe them regularly. But not all the dogs are happy about bathing. The people taking care of your dog are professional groomers and they are habituated to stubborn dogs. They know exactly how much shampoo is too much shampoo. They know how to clean the toughest dogs like the area between the paws. They know accurately how much pressure your dog needs. Your dog is going to have a happy face once it comes out of that bath. Some parlours like Doggy parlour Waterkloof Ridge have best professionals to look after your pooch.

3.   Ear and Oral Care

Normally breeds with small ears tend to get frequent ear related diseases. If your dog’s ears are floppy then it is advisable that you take them at least for once to a doggy parlour. Generally floppy-eared breeds like Labradors, beagles, spaniels etc. face a poor air circulation because of which they get ear conditions like ear mites. This can cause a threat to your dog’s health.

Awesome doggy Parlor WAterkloof Ridge

Brushing your dog’s teeth once in a while can help you keep the mouth odour away. But for some parents taking care of the dog’s dental hygiene is difficult because they are not comfortable holding their dog’s mouth and brushing their teeth. If you do not follow this, it might cause your dog’s gums to bleed. When I first got Wally, I took her to a doggy parlour the very first week and got her groomed and ever since then I am a fan. Doggy Parlor Waterkloof ridge has professionals that care of your dog like their own while treating them,

Conclusion Doggy parlor Waterkloof Ridge

Take your dog to doggy parlor Waterkloof Ridge at least once because they deserve it.

All that being said we hope to see you soon at Doggy Parlor Waterkloof Ridge (PetzRush Pet Grooming).

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Doggy parlor Waterkloof Ridge
Doggy parlor Waterkloof Ridge



Why homemade dog food is best for your dogs?

We understand the need for a proper and nutritious diet for our canine friends. We try our best to provide them with a healthy and proportionate diet. Homemade dog food is nothing but the food made with the same groceries that we use. But knowing what can be fed to your furry friends is also necessary or else can put your dog's health at risk. When you go to a supermarket or surf online you will come across and overwhelming choices of dog food that you can purchase. But when you look carefully, you will find several of them contain meat-by products which can cause allergies to your dog. Switching to homemade dog food can give your dog a change in his taste.

Advantages of feeding your dog homemade dog food:

1.   Quality of the food:

When you cook food for your dog, you are aware of what nutrients are going into your dog’s diet. Your dog doesn’t have to deal with the store food any more. You are also unaware of what kind of meat byproducts are used, how old the meat was and what portion of the meat is used.

2.   Bid adieu to filler ingredients:

These commercial pet foods use filler ingredients in their dog food to increase the volume but the fillers do not add up to any nutrition value. That is why so much quantity of the food costs less. These non-nutritive substances add more waste in your dog’s system. Because of these foods, it is quite possible for your dog to develop food allergies. Homemade dog food can help you in optimizing the nutritional value of food that you’re going to feed your dog.

3.   Better nutrition

There is no point in denying the fact that homemade dog food is actually better than the commercial dog food. Because you are feeding your dog all the ingredients that are necessary for their growth, your dog is more likely to stay healthy and happy. For dogs with food allergies, it is highly advisable by the vets to feed their dog homemade dog food. If you lack time or expertise in cooking, you can always switch to the MaxHealth food that contains several ingredients including Omega because it is made from fish.

4.   Give your dog the freshness of the food

The major advantage of homemade dog food is that it is fresh and rich in nutrients. Even the best quality of commercial food has added salts and preservatives that can cause severe harm to your furry friend in a long run. It can cause heart disease and also degrade the general health of your pooch.

5.   No more waste of food

You do not have to throw the remaining of the pot roast away now. You can use the leftovers of your food and make meals for your canine friend. This way there is less food wastage and it is also very cost effective.

Conclusion on homemade dog food:

Look for the items you can feed your dog and start giving homemade dog food to your furry pooches to keep them healthy and happy.

For more information on homemade dog food  and all the amazing benefits this will have for your pet please contact PetzRush Pet food today.

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homemade dog food
              homemade dog food


Find the perfect food for your dog in Pretoria! Maxhealth dog food Pretoria

Are you tired of trying different dog food brands for your dog? Dog parents like to experiment with the diet of their dog trying to figure out what works best for their dog. Finding the perfect diet for your dog can be very tedious and can coherently create food allergies in your dog. Pretoria being a beautiful city also has a big number of dog parents, walking their dogs around in the beautiful gardens of Pretoria. Dog parents in Pretoria must know how Maxhealth has become one of the best sellers worldwide in the dog supplies and especially the dog food. That is why finding Maxhealth dog food in Pretoria is not tough.

Because Maxhealth dog food is hypoallergic

Maxhealth dog food is easily available in Pretoria and is the best fit for your dog because it is hypoallergic. Maxhealth, being a trusted brand since 2005 has been developed by a vet suitable for the food allergies of dog. The best part of Maxhealth dog food Pretoria is that it is not obtained from the by-products of meat. Instead, it uses fish and the derivatives of fish for your dog which helps to reduce allergies or completely resolve them if given properly on a regular basis.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a pro. Maxhealth dog food Pretoria

As we all know, Omega-3 fatty acids are a very essential part of your dog’s diet. Because people give their dog foods with chicken contents they have to feed Omega-3 supplements to their dogs. Since fish is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the whole need of feeding your pet the supplement and processed Omega-3 is completely eradicated. Your dog gets the nutrition of Omega-3 in its most natural form. The fish oil present in the food also contains an appropriate amount of EPA and DHA. These minerals are only available in fish oils rather than other animal meat or vegetables. Did you know at first that Maxhealth dog food was this nutritious for your dog?

Digestibility is high

You do not want your dog to suffer from indigestion. Many food brands other than the Maxhealth have different kinds of meat and enzymes which can slow down the digestion process and can result in an unhealthy dog. Because Maxhealth has fish as its 65% of content the amount of selenium in this food is also adequate which is not found in other foods. Selenium is a mineral element that acts as a helping agent in the enzymatic process for digestion. Maxhealth dog food gives your dog about 90% of digestion.

Where to find Maxhealth dog food Pretoria?

Maxhealth dog food Pretoria has its franchises spread around many places and it has five stores as of now in Pretoria. That is why it has become so easy to find the food best for your dog. You can try the Maxhealth dog food diet and see the wonders it does to your furry little friend. Why give them medications when you can give them healthy nutritious food.

For more information on Maxhealth dog food Pretoria and all the amazing benefits this brand will have for your pet please contact PetzRush Pet food today.

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Maxhealth dog food Pretoria

Maxhealth dog food Pretoria


Doggy Parlour Waterkloof! A fun retreat for you furry peeps in Waterkloof

Pet Parents know how important grooming is to maintain the health of their dogs. They also know that the grooming part isn't that easy. There is brushing your dog, cleaning their teeth and paws, checking for ticks and fleas regularly, shedding remedies, mouth odour, hair-cuts, nail clipping and what not. And for a dog parent to do these checks extensively along with their own day to day activities becomes a tad bit hectic. And no one wants to compromise on their dogs' health. That is why there is an alternate solution of giving your furry friend a nice treat at a doggy parlour in Waterkloof. Parlour offers services such as summer cuts, winter cuts, clipping and trimming nails etc.

Want your dogs to be Clean and Fluffy?

Giving your dog a nice haircut can make a lot of difference to their appearance and can help control the shedding as well. Some owners might think that winter is the season when their dogs need the coat to stay warm, so they avoid giving their furry friends a haircut. This is true but most of the dogs stay snuggled up inside with their owners. Also, a warm environment is a place for ticks and fleas to invade and multiply themselves. That is why it is necessary to give your goldilocks a winter cut. Take your dog to a Doggy Parlour Waterkloof and get them a nice long trim for this winter.

Summers in Waterkloof come with extensive heat and can cause your dog a lot of trouble. A long and thick coat can cause more sweating in your dog resulting in an increase of their body odour. Some consider shaving off their dogs' coat at home. Their coat is a natural controller of the weather which why shaving is not a good option. There are certified professionals who can help you with what haircut is good for your dog according to their breed and hair growth. Consider taking your dog to a doggy parlour and get them a nice Waterkloof summer cut.

Click!!! It's time to clip! Doggy Parlour Waterkloof

I have personally experienced how tough it is to clip your dog's nails. Every time I try to clip them I fail miserably and there is a mess all over the place. That is why I strongly recommend taking your dog to a professional in a doggy parlour. Those who have not tried taking your dog to a Doggy Parlour Waterkloof for nail clipping must try it once. The people are professionals, they have proper tools and it is their job to groom a dog. You will be amazed at how incredibly calm they are while handling your dog. Besides, there are no mishaps and everybody goes home happy.

Bye bye ticks and fleas at Doggy Parlour Waterkloof….

You might have often experienced the infestation of ticks and fleas causing trouble to your furry friends and you would have tried remedies of your own. You might have run to a vet, applied spot-on drugs, and solutions after bathing your dog. Tick and flea treatments done at home are effective but sometimes they do not completely eradicate the situation. When you spot a tick, take them to a doggy parlour instantly. Professionals treat your dog with the utmost care, will have proper combs to check the infestation and products from which the infestation can be eradicated completely.

Take your dog to our doggy parlour in Waterkloof and get a happy woofff from your dog this weekend. Doggy Parlour Waterkloof!!!

All that being said we hope to see you soon at Doggy Parlour Waterkloof(PetzRush Pet Grooming).

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PetzRush Pet grooming TEAM! (Doggy Parlour Waterkloof)

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Doggy Parlour WaterkloofDoggy Parlour Waterkloof

Doggy Parlour Waterkloof




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