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Give your dog the richness of Omega dog food with Maxhealth

Is your chow chow fluffy and furry? Or does it have a patchy skin and a shabby coat? If it is fluffy then I must say kudos to you. But if it has a shabby coat have you tried checking your dog’s omega intake. Yes! Omega fatty acids are a major source of essential vitamins and minerals that can give your dog a shiny and a glossier coat. Every dog needs a good coat to keep it healthy and immune against the abrasive weather conditions. The intake of Omega fatty acids can help your dog resolve this issue. Maxhealth Omega dog food is a rich source of Omega 3.

Do you believe in Omega Supplements?

There is nothing wrong with giving your dog supplements for Omega fatty acids but how do you ensure that this is exactly what your dog requires? Well, truth be told all the supplements are not 100 per cent omega 3 fatty acids. It has been clinically observed that the several supplements of Omega 3 have steroids in them which show their effectiveness after continuous supplementation of 80 days. This can be very harmful to your dog’s health. Guaranteed that not all supplements are steroids, it is still observed that the effect of giving omega 3 to your dog naturally is much more than the supplements. That is because there is a physiochemical difference between the lipid composition of fish and fish oil. Supplementing the artificial or processed Omega 3 with a balanced diet containing fish can solve a lot of problems.

Maxhealth Omega dog food is the key

Maxhealth being in the dog food industry since 2005 has proven to be one of the best brands for dog food. Maxhealth Omega dog food is manufactured considering all the food allergies present in dogs. South Africa is a very temperate country and there are several food disorders that have been recorded over the years in the dogs. If you visit the Maxhealth dog food website, you will find that all the allergies listed on it are actually present in dogs.

How do you consider this food different?

Maxhealth Omega dog food is designed in an enhanced way. Maxhealth does not use intensive meat farming products and uses ocean fish instead of it. Ocean fishes are rich in Omega 3 and act as a natural resource. Because there is no animal meat, there are no fats. Ocean fish has a very little content of fat which is easily manageable by the dogs. Maxhealth Omega dog food contains around 69 per cent of its content as ocean fish. That is why it is a natural resource for a proper Omega intake.

Omega Dog food Clinically proven to be effective

It has been clinically proven that the dogs facing problems such as a patchy skin, itchy scalp, redness in the eyes etc. found relief after a few months of Maxhealth Omega dog food diet. Maxhealth has its branches at several places. Go to your local store and get Maxhealth for your dog because changing your dog’s diet will change your dog’s life.

For more information on Maxhealth Omega dog food and all the amazing benefits this brand will have for your pet please contact PetzRush Pet food today.

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Omega dog food

Omega dog food







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