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Doggy Parlour Brooklyn

If you are perhaps looking for a great Doggy Parlour Brooklyn please look no further as PetzRush Pet Grooming is right next to you and we will assist with any needs you or your Fury one might need at our Doggy Parlour Brooklyn.

PetzRush Pet Grooming has a massive reputation when it comes to treating your Fury babies at our Parlour. We take utmost pride and care when working with your Babies.

Our team at Doggy Parlour Brooklyn working on your Babies will make sure they have a splendid time with us at ALL times, after all they always comes first!

Doggy Parlour Brooklyn

PetzRush Pet Grooming strives to be the cleanest, safest and most entertaining parlour to you and your Fury baby.

Our team is soft and caring at all times and if there could be any issue you would like to adress at any time please feel free to do so with any of our staff members. We will gladly sort it out for you if in our power.

Grooming pets not only at Doggy Parlour Brooklyn but at any other doggy parlour should be taken very serious and certain measures are always great when making sure the babies being groomed are well taken care of, safe and happy.

Doggy Parlour Brooklyn

Here are only some services we provide:

1 - Summer cuts

2 - Winter Cuts

3 - Cleaning ears

4 - Nails

5 - Coat trimming

We have custom options where you may give us guidelines of what exactly you need and we will follow them.

All that being said we hope to see you soon at Doggy Parlour Brooklyn (PetzRush Pet Grooming).

For appointments please contact us below:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

078 920 5309 (Elena)

012 345 6272 (Office)

PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Doggy Parlour Brooklyn)

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Doggy Parlour Brooklyn






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Emergency line: +27 78 920 5309

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