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  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate:

Many countries throughout the world have quarantine requirements because of their concern for transmitting rabies. The United States is one of those countries that is not rabies free, and therefore there are certain restrictions when taking your pet to a country outside the United States. Even Hawaii, although part of the United States, has a quarantine policy for those coming from the mainland U.S.

One requirement of most of the countries on our list is a Rabies Vaccination Certificate. This can be prepared by your veterinarian. A second requirement is a Health Certificate. This also is usually filled in by your vet. Each state has its own form, usually prepared in multiple copies and-for International Travel-requires not only your veterinarian's signature, but that of a Federal veterinarian. Your vet can take care of that for you also, but make sure you're aware of the various timing requirements by the country to which you are bringing your pet.

Import Permits:

Many of the countries listed below require an Import Permit. These can be obtained by contacting the ministries of the country you'll be visiting / a state Vet in many cases.

Export Permit:

This can be arranged by PetzRush if exporting out of South Africa. In the case of PetzRush importing an animal the export permit must be arranged in most cases by the sender from the incoming destination.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection:

This can be prepared by your veterinarian.

Travelling International with a Pet:

Traveling internationally can be wonderfully rewarding and many people now wouldn't think of traveling without their pet. Just as it takes extra planning to travel between countries for people, it also requires additional preparation for our pets. These requirements may seem daunting at first, but as long as you allow sufficient time to prepare, ask the right questions, and organize the right procedures, you'll be Okay.


If there is a quarantine period, then you need to consider whether bringing your pet makes sense in terms of the amount of time you are staying in that country.

Some countries require quarantine periods up to 6 months. You need to consider whether it makes sense to bring a pet along on vacation if he will have to be put in quarantine.

Most countries require a Rabies Vaccination Certificate - usually prepared by your APHIS accredited Veterinarian. There are time restrictions for when the shots should be administered.

Most countries also require an International Health Certificate - usually prepared by your APHIS accredited Veterinarian. The IHC attests to your pet's health, lists tests given and shows their results. It is often required to be in the language of the country to be visited and must bear their official seal.

Many countries require an Import Permit - which is obtained from the ministry of the country to which you're traveling to.

Note: Often, forms are required to be bi-lingual. These may be obtained from the Embassy/Consulate of the country to be visited by writing or calling. Addresses and numbers are listed with each country below.

Note: Starting in July 2004, the EU developed a system by which pets are given Passports, much like ours, which document all pertinent information, and enable them to move freely within the EU. Passport requirements include "micro chipping" your pet.


A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is easily and quickly injected under your pet's skin. It is no more stressful for them than getting a regular vaccination. Each microchip has a unique ID code, that together with details of your pet's health status are held on a computer database. Scanners are then used to read the information so that if you get separated from your pet, he can be identified and you can be notified.

A Microchip is a much more reliable form of pet identification because it is permanent - the traditional collar and engraved tag can become detached and lost. Still, most people whose pets are Micro chipped continue having their pets wear a collar and tag too. Your veterinarian will know all about it.

Pet Travel Scheme (P.E.T.S.):

Great Britain has always had a strict quarantine requirement for pets arriving from other countries. Now, however, if you are from one of their acceptable European countries and Long Haul Countries (includes the U.S.), you qualify to undertake their P.E.T.S.

With the P.E.T.S. there is no quarantine period. It also means that you must follow a certain procedure that takes a full six months to complete. The Pet Travel Scheme requires pets to be micro chipped, vaccinated, tested and certified. Beginning in July 2004, the European Union requires all pets to be micro chipped.


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