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Pet Travel Perth

  • Pet Travel Perth

    Pet Travel Perth

    If you are one of the thousands of South Africans who wants to move abroad then this article is for you! The beautiful beaches of Australia await you. You and your Saffa mates will soon be sipping on cocktails watching the beautiful Australian sunset, well, maybe not soon… By now you should know the visa process and what is required for pet travel Perth. I say Perth as that is the most west part of the Australian ”Island” and where every South African tends to go.

    Pet Travel Perth

    Australia is one of the more difficult countries to elope to and some considerable amount of time and effort will need to be given for your pet travel Perth arrangements. It is advisable to use the services of a professional pet travel agent for your pet travel Perth. There are strict regulations, quite a lot of paperwork that needs to be dealt with, certain procedures and tests that your pet will need to have done as well as a rather lengthy quarantine period which as every person moving across a sea would want, and that is all to go smoothly from beginning to end.

    Pet Travel Perth Concluded

    You will need to allow approximately 4-6 months to complete all your pet travel Perth duties correctly and ensure your pet arrives safely and at the chosen time. Your chosen pet travel agent will advise you on all the requirements and complete everything on your behalf making it “too easy” and “cheap as chips” compared to trying to accomplish this all on your own. Using the services of PetzRush Pet travel will allow you and your family to relax and think about that “Shrimp on the Barbie” Please contact PetzRush on 012-345 6272 / 073 746 5671 to arrange all your Pet Travel Perth requirements today.

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    Pet Travel Perth

    Pet Travel Perth





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