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Pet Kennels Pretoria East

  • Pet Kennels Pretoria East

    Pet Kennels Pretoria East

    If you reside in one of the beautiful suburbs in Eastern Pretoria and have a pet then sometimes the occasion arises that you require someone that offers pet kennels Pretoria East. Common reasons for using pet kennels Pretoria East are families going on holiday, house renovations or it can be a short term stay for a day if you moving house and don’t want your pets to get in the way or even worse escape while everyone is busy with something else and they go unnoticed.

    Pet Kennels Pretoria East

    There are a few pet kennels Pretoria East to choose from but before making a decision you need to ensure they meet your requirements, standards and of course all this needs to come at the right price. Our pets are an important part of the family and are part of our everyday lives and when they not around us or need to go to an unfamiliar place, especially for an extended period of time this will put quite a lot of stress on our furry friends which one can avoid.

    Pet Kennels Pretoria East Concluded

    When visiting pet kennels Pretoria East to find a suitable temporary home make sure that their facilities are safe. Some of our pets can be quite the escape artist and the premises and area they will be kept needs to be secure. Hygiene is also very important and you do not want your pet getting sick too. Reputation is important and if you know of family or friends that have used pet kennels Pretoria and have had a good experience then you should always give them a go. It also goes a long way if the owners are avid animal lovers too. To give the kenneling services of PetzRush a try please call us on

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    078 920 5309 (Elene)

    012 345 6272 (Office)

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    Pet Kennels Pretoria East

    Pet Kennels Pretoria East






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