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Grooming My Pet

  • Grooming My Pet

    Grooming My Pet

    Many people have pets but not many people know too much about grooming my pet. Grooming is not just about keeping your furry family member looking great but is imperative for their health too. When I’m grooming my pet I know that I am not only giving him a good bath, ridding him of parasites, making my home more clean and hygienic for the whole family and him too but this is also a little bonding time. Our pets may seem to not enjoy grooming but they do appreciate it and in time trust is built between owner and pet.

    Grooming My Pet

    When grooming my pet I use this opportunity to see his skin condition, any presence of parasites, growths or bumps and how the movement in his joints are. Keeping in mind whilst grooming my pet are also the obvious things such as clipping nails, ridding his ears of dirt and some dental hygiene too. If you have a breed that has a long coat then you will also need to have clippers and scissors handy to trim the coat back or possibly even get it back in to your preferred style.

    Grooming My Pet Concluded

    I enjoy grooming my pet but no two people are the same and neither are our pets. If you have a difficult pet that has taken to grooming after a few attempts or if you simply don’t have the time then you can call on the services of a professional dog groomer. I prefer grooming my pet at home as he doesn’t like travelling much and if this is the case most dog parlours also offer a service whereby they come to your house and can groom your pet in a comfortable and familiar environment. If you need a grooming service you can contact PetzRush on… 

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    078 920 5309 (Elene)

    012 345 6272 (Office)

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    Grooming My Pet

    Grooming My Pet





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