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Grooming my own Yorkie

  • Grooming my own Yorkie

    Grooming my own Yorkie

    Since grooming my own Yorkie I have noticed massive changes with him. He is constantly happy(as well as the family), always looks and smells amazing and I know he is in good health or when something is wrong and grooming my own Yorkie has created a great bond between us, built up on trust through the learning stages, and these days just the pure appreciation he shows and fun we have when I give his coat a regular brushing, our efforts have paid off well.

    Grooming my own Yorkie

    When I started grooming my own Yorkie I didn’t know much. But over the last few years I have found exactly what works and what didn’t. Little things such as grooming my own Yorkie in a safe, relaxed and quiet place, knowing the right water temperature and which brushes and products to use were all oblivious to me at the time. With some time, attempts and patience every Yorkie owner can get to a point of complete confidence as I am at now when grooming my own Yorkie.

    Grooming my own Yorkie

    I love grooming my own Yorkie but every once in a while I do need to take him to a professional dog grooming parlour. I am not a qualified groomer and only understand the basics, so when it is time for his coat to be trimmed back in to shape or he needs a seasonal complete shave, it is only wise that I use this service. They go the extra mile and tend to things such as ear cleaning, oral care and nail clipping. One can carry out these extras at home but I prefer keeping grooming my own Yorkie to the basics, yet still very effective and important to do. 

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    Grooming my own Yorkie

    Grooming my own Yorkie





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