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Dog Parlour

  • Dog Parlour

    Dog Parlour

    When you become a proud and happy pet owner your life changes. You now have a new best friend that will constantly fill your life with happiness and joy, well…99% of the time…But after all the fun and games your new friend is going to need a bath to look all bright eyed and bushy tailed again and a trip down to a dog parlour is part of the package with your pet. Fear not though, these trips to the dog parlour don’t need to be a daunting task and as a pet owner/best friend your ranking will go up a few notches.

    Dog Parlour Information

    The amount of trips you make to the dog parlour obviously vary on what breed of dog you have, how well you look after your pet at home or maybe your best friend has grown a fondness for mud. Every 4-6 weeks is ideal though. Generally our hairy canines prefer a shorter, cooler coat in summer and a longer warmer coat in winter. Remember that when your dog has a longer coat or your specific breed might shed hair more than their trip to the dog parlour will need to be more frequent.

    Benefits of a Dog Parlour

    Once the trip to the dog parlour is done you can have peace of mind knowing that your best friend and you can get back to the fun and games, kick off your shoes and put up your feet. Your pet will be feeling healthy and looking the part for the next month ahead-Great! A massage for your buddy could also be on the cards perhaps, pet owners nowadays go to great lengths to keep their loyal canines happy and healthy but your quick trips together to the dog parlour will be enough to keep your “best Friend” status.

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    078 920 5309

    012 345 6272

    PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Dog Parlour)

    Dog Parlour

  • PetzRush Pet Grooming (Dog Parlour)

    PetzRush Pet Grooming in Elarduspark

    (Our Dog Parlour)


    PetzRush Pet Grooming believes in putting your Pet and of course you FIRST! Our team will always take into consideration that you are coming to make use of our Pet Grooming team in our Dog Parlour to receive the best of the best!

    PetzRush Pet Grooming has an amazing variety of options for you and your fury baby / babies! We will not rest until your fury babies are 100% satisfied and looking like they have been at the best Dog Parlour in the whole of South Africa.

     PetzRush Pet Grooming also believes that if we take care of your children you will always come back to us and thats our MAIN priority!

    We take Pet Grooming very serious in our Dog parlour and promise to deliver this attitude at all times.

    Pet Grooming

     PetzRush Pet Grooming Services (Dog Parlour)

    Below are only a few Pet Grooming Services we provide in our Dog Parlour:

    - Flea Treatments 
    - Dipping for ticks and fleas (24 hours)
    - Nail Trim
    - Oral Hygiene Treatment (PlaqClnz)
    - Nail Polish
    - Check and Clean ears
    - Toothbrushing
    - Specialty Shampoo Treatment 
    - Bathing and blow drying
    - Cutting or shaving the coat
    - Collection and delivery (On approval & Fees Applicable)

    Any other services needed can we requested and quoted for :)


    We also have packages:


    1) Spa Package 1                                                  2)Spa Package 2

    - Bathing and blow drying          Pet Grooming       - Bathing and blow drying

    - Flea Treatments                                                   - Dipping for ticks and fleas (24 hours)

    - Check and Clean ears                                         - Nail Trim

    - Toothbrushing                                                      - Oral Hygiene Treatment (PlaqClnz)

    - Cutting or shaving the coat                                 - Cutting or shaving the coat  


    We do have other packages in our Dog Parlour which we can put together for you on request to complete your Pet Grooming needs!

    PetzRush Pet Grooming in our Dog parlour!

    PetzRush Pet Grooming team always tries to make sure your baby has an extreme amount of fun while being in our care.

    When our Pet Grooming is fun for your baby we are having more fun!

    Our Dog Parlour will make sure your needs are totally exceeded bfore you leave! 

    Pet Grooming has to be fun at all times in our Dog Parlour!

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    078 920 5309 (Elene)

    012 345 6272 (Office)

    PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Pet Grooing & Dog Parlour all in one

    Dog Parlour

                                          Pet grooming            













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