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Pet Travel United States

Like many South Africans who choose to go live the American dream, all of us know there are many loose ends to tie up before embarking on this new exciting chapter in our lives. One of those loose ends will be attending to your pet travel United States planning and duties. Moving is a massive stress as it is and when moving to other continents the to-do list gets substantially longer as do all the necessary documents and red tape, unfortunately so do your responsibilities when it comes to pet travel United States.

Pet Travel United States

Fortunately there are Pet Travel Agents that can take most of the stress and responsibility of your pet travel United States requirements for you and complete and gather all the necessary documentation for your pet to arrive safely in their new country. With America being a country with at times strict regulations it is highly advisable to use the services of a pet travel agent for your pet travel United States trip. The last thing anyone wants to do is leave their pet behind and not have your furry family member part of your exciting new life.

Pet Travel United States Concluded

Apart from the documentation there are certain criteria your pet will need to meet. Blood tests will need to be done and there is also a quarantine period for certain pets before pet travel United States. Our pets can carry diseases that can greatly effect another countries fauna and even economy. If you are currently planning a big move like this across the oceans and have pets that need to be relocated then you can contact PetzRush on 012-345 6272 / 073 746 5671. We have the expertise and solutions to ensure your pet travel United States goes smoothly and guarantee the safe arrival of your pets.

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Pet Travel United States

Pet Travel United States





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