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Grooming Tips for Dogs

If you have a new little pet around the house or have had a pet for a while and not sure how to properly groom your dog then there are a few grooming tips for dogs that could help you along the way and make what may  feel like a nightmare a much more pleasant experience, for both your dog and yourself. Unfortunately grooming is a big part of your responsibility as a dog owner and needs to be carried out regularly to maintain your dog’s health as well as his good looks and you can start off with these simple grooming tips for dogs.

Grooming Tips for Dogs

To start off grooming tips for dogs, would have to be combing and brushing your dog at least 3 times a week. Its amazing what a difference running a brush through your dog’s coat can do, especially if you have a breed with a long coat. It gets rid of any dirt that has built up in the coat, promotes blood flow and promotes and distributes natural oils that your dog’s coat produces, this simple of many grooming tips for dogs allows you some great bonding time with your furry friend too. If you brush your pet regularly this will prevent matting. When it comes to bathing your dog, this will make this a much quicker and easier task too. It is much more difficult to de-matt a dog once their coat has been wet and will nine out of ten times mean you will have no other option but to shave their coat.

Grooming Tips for Dogs

Our dogs are not naturally going to take to grooming so when thinking of grooming tips for dogs you need to see it from their perspective. Ensure that you are calm, don’t groom your dog in a noisy environment with many distractions. Make sure that the tub you use is safe and not slippery and keep your dog comfortable with the right water temperature. Have all the tools and products you will be using in reach so you don’t prolong grooming time or leave them unattended. Start grooming your dog from a young age so they get use to this ritual. Luckily dogs are adaptable and can start enjoying their grooming sessions with some time, effort and learning what works best for your dog. If you need some more useful grooming tips for dogs or need a helping hand you can contact PetzRush on 012 345 6272 / 073 746 5671 and we would be more than happy to assist.

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Grooming Tips for Dogs

Grooming Tips for Dogs






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