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Should I groom my Dog

This may sound like a no brainer to some people but the question of “should I groom my dog” is a question many dog owners ask themselves or seem to get confused about from time to time. The simple answer to the question of should I groom my dog is a big and simple yes. It is also worth understanding why your dog needs to be groomed and how often your dog needs to be groomed too. If you as a pet owner neglect grooming your dog sufficiently there will be terrible complications that arise from this.

Should I groom my Dog

Should I groom my dog every 3-4 weeks I find is a comfortable period in between grooms. This will vary from owner to owner as not all dogs are the same, they have different roles and the environment they live in all play a factor in determining this decision. Generally though, if your dog’s coat is looking dull, there are signs of parasites or if they start smelling a bit bad then it is time for a good grooming.  Your dog doesn’t always need to go to a parlour, should I groom my dog at home I get great results and every owner should invest some time into this too.

Should I groom my Dog Concluded

If you still not sure on should I groom my dog or not you need to understand that grooming has many health benefits for your dogs. Not only does it keep their coat shiny and healthy to protect them from the elements, but things like their ears, nails and teeth also need some attention. Ears can get infected and skipping a few nail trims will cause severe discomfort for your dog. Parasites need to be treated and ignoring this can also affect the whole family. If you want to know any more information surrounding should I groom my dog or not please contact PetzRush on 012-345 6272 And we can assist you in the right direction.

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PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Should I groom my Dog)

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Should I groom my Dog

Should I groom my Dog






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