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Professional Grooming at your home

If, like many of us you have a pet but can’t find the time to attend to your pets grooming needs then there is a service that offers professional grooming at your home. Realizing that time is valuable and the little time we do have for our pets should be left for playtime. Professional grooming at your home offers the same services that a dog grooming parlour offers and what is great about this service is that you don’t need to transport your pet in the car which is difficult for some owners especially that have pets that aren’t too comfortable in a car.

Professional Grooming at your home

All that is required for professional grooming at your home is a safe place for the groomer to carry out their duties and  has access to a power point and a supply of water. Not all dogs take to grooming well and getting professional grooming at your home for your pet means they don’t need to have the added stress of being in a new environment, around other pets and possibly exposed to parasites, germs or diseases, they can relax in their own familiar environment and you can keep a watchful eye on your pet too.

Professional Grooming at your home Concluded

Professional grooming at your home is slightly more expensive than taking your pet to a parlour but the added fee is well worth having the peace of mind and the convenience that it offers to pet owners. At the end of the grooming everything is tidied up and you are left with a clean, healthy and happy  dog. If you have never had professional grooming at your home or would like to try out this service then you can give PetzRush a call which will happily assist you and your pet at your home. Please contact us on ….

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078 920 5309 (Elene)

012 345 6272 (Office)

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Professional Grooming at your home

Professional Grooming at your home





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