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Grooming a Labrador

Owning a Labrador means that you are the proud owner of the most popular dog breed in South Africa. This lovely breed has been a blessing to many families and continues to grow into everyone’s heart. Apart from their loving and protective personalities that make this a great family pet, grooming a Labrador is fairly simple too and their low grooming requirements is a another great reason to consider owning one of these great breeds. Large breed dogs are normally difficult in this department but Labrador owners and groomers will also agree that grooming a Labrador can be easy work.

Grooming a Labrador

To make grooming a Labrador easier, especially when they are fully grown adults… you need to start grooming your Labrador from a young age. Labradors love being outdoors and this means they can get dirty quickly but grooming a Labrador is only required every 3 months, that is the full shampoo and conditioning of course. If you brush your Labradors coat twice a week this will reduce the amount of hair they shed, get rid of dirt stimulate and distribute the natural oils that their coat provides. Whilst grooming a Labrador this is also a great opportunity to check for any parasites, skin condition and any lumps or growths that should not be present.

Grooming a Labrador Concluded

Grooming a Labrador is not only about keeping their coats shiny and having a nice smelling pet. Clipping nails, cleaning ears and treating your Labrador for parasites are all vital for your Labradors health and well being. This breed appreciates a lot of attention from their owners so whilst grooming a Labrador take this time to bond with him/her and build up trust between yourselves. Your Labrador is not the only member of your family that will enjoy a good grooming but something that the whole family can take part in and enjoy.

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Grooming a Labrador







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