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Pet Travel Namibia

Although Namibia is a bordering country with South Africa and can be driven into quite easily within a few hours depending on where you reside, you will need to give a bit more  thought on pet travel Namibia. Even though we are on the same continent and Namibia seems close enough and even uses the ZAR as their currency, pet travel Namibia is an international journey and you require a passport to cross its borders and your pet will require certain documentation to cross these borders too.

Pet Travel Namibia

Pet travel Namibia will require 1-3 months preparation. Factors such as your pets age, health condition and inoculations being up to date are all determining factors in the process. There is a list of requirements that need to be adhered to and hiring an agent for pet travel Namibia that will attend to all these matters for you is highly recommended and seen by most as the only route to go. It is very stressful as it is travelling internationally and nobody wants that extra stress of wondering if their beloved pets are going to get there safely.

Pet Travel Namibia Concluded

So whether you are going to visit the beautiful country of Namibia for a holiday or making a bigger more permanent move then make sure you have all your pet travel Namibia needs covered. Being an African country the rules and regulations aren’t quite as strict as some of the further countries but sufficient time and preparation is required. If you need any information or an agent to deal with your pet travel Namibia requirements you can contact PetzRush on….. and we will assist in your pets safe arrival in Namibia.

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Pet Travel Namibia

Pet Travel Namibia





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