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This is a crucial step in ensuring your pet's safety and comfort and can make the difference between being accepted or refused by your airline. Measure your pet according to the chart below for domestic flights. See below for international requirements. Compare your findings with the interior measurements of the crate.


A= length of animal from nose to root of tail

B= height from ground to elbow joint 

C = width across shoulders 

D= height of animal in standing position (top of head for pets with non-erect ears - from tip of ears for pets with erect ears)

The length of the kennel must be equal to A + 1/2 B. (domestic flights) A+B(International flights)

The width of the kennel must be equal to Cx2(domestic flights) (C+1 in) x 2(international flights)

The height of the kennel (top flat or arched) must be equal to D(domestic flights) D+3 in (international flights).



Snakes require a crate at least two thirds as long as the snake and at least 50% of the snake's length in the crate width. Container preferences will vary by airline.

Rabbits & Hamsters

All small rodents as well as hamsters will travel in the cargo area in a cargo container as described above. A few airlines will allow rabbits in the cabin. Do not put objects in the cage as the airlines frown upon non attached items in the crate. A pet pad and old t-shirt is fine.


Turtles traveling in the cabin (call the airline to ask if they will allow it.) will need a sturdy container with absorbent material (shredded newspaper) and a place for your turtle to hide. Traveling in the cargo hold may require protection from the cold. Container must be a sturdy material (not cardboard) such as heavy plastic or wood and be of a minimum size set by the airlines.


Containers for birds can vary by airline, so we would suggest that you contact the reservations desk (in-cabin and checked baggage travel) and cargo department (manifest cargo travel) of the airline you are using for details. Adequate clearance must be allowed for the bird's tail and crown, and a perch must be attached to the crate. It is advised that the ventilation holes be covered with loosely woven material to allow for ventilation while providing privacy for your bird. There must be water available to your bird in a bowl attached to the door. Keep any unattached items to a minimum.


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