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Pet Health Certificate

A lot of countries has a Pet health Certificate that is specific to their country. (Please check with you agent)

Certain countries do not have an approved pet health certificate. A Pet health certificate will state if your Pet is healthy at that stage and also free of any parasites before travel.

What is a Pet Health Certificate

A Pet health certificate shows the vaccinations done on your pet including the vaccine type and other information vital for your Pet's well being and travel.

Certain countries might require that the health certificate is translated in that countries given language which you will just have to make sure about before departure as the last thing needed is complications on your Pet Health Certificate before departure or during.

Is a Pet Health Certificate always the same?

Always consider all specific regulations of that country that your pet is entering into at all times. A Pet Health Certificate can change vastly over time so please make sure that the certificate you are using is the latest updated certificate always!

Make sure with your selected agent that the Pet Health Certificate is up to date.


Pet Health Certificate


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