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maxhealth pet food

  • Maxhealth Pet food

    Maxhealth Pet food

    Maxhealth Pet food is an outstanding brand among our fury friends today! Maxhealth Pet food has over the years proven to be very stable and sufficient for our loved fury friends!

    Petzrush Pet travel and Grooming has started distributing Maxhealth Pet food in various sizes and types.

    Maxhealth Pet food was created in 2005 by a Vet believe it or not. It was made in a great way not containing any tallow(Cooked Fat), Farming Meat / By-Products which makes this food excellent for dogs with skin problems or itchy skin.

    The only animal protein in Maxhealth Pet food is ocean fishmeaing that apart from being a low fat protein diet.... Maxhealth Pet food will also be amazing for sensitive dogs! Wow!


    Maxhealth Pet food (Signs of Sensitive dogs)

    1 - Red & watery eyes

    2 - Dry & rough coat

    3 - Dandruff

    4 - Patches where hair is lost

    5 - Constant scratching

    6 - Skin Inflammation

    7 - Ears inflammation

    8 - Licking Paws or Chewing Paws

    9 - Constantly eating grass

    10 - Blocked Anal glands


    The above mentioned conditions are truly only a few conditions of sign in sensitive dogs and should be monitored closely by at the very least trying our Maxhealth Pet food once.

    The Maxhealth Pet food Vet believes that for once changing your pet's diet to a land animal fat and intensive farming meat free diet, you will eliminate many of these signs / health issues your pet may be sensitive to.

    Maxhealth Pet food (Types)

    We have a few types of Maxhealth Pet food in store for you or ideally for your Pet :)


    Maxhealth pet foodMaxhealth  Maxhealth pet food

    PetzRush Pet travel will assist with getting the best Maxhealth Pet food please do not hesitate to contact us for quotes / inquiries / Deliveries:

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