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Grooming Pets Pretoria

There are many pros when grooming pets Pretoria. All our pets require a bit of TLC in some way or form and a full house grooming will have him/her looking and feeling great again. Hygiene is a daily necessity for us humans and this is no different with our pets, they just don’t require a bath every day as their coats and skin have been adapted for this. But, if we as pet owners neglect grooming pets Pretoria then there will be health complications as well as a not so good looking ball of fur.

Grooming Pets Pretoria

We can immediately identify an animal that hasn’t had a visit to a parlour. Their coats look dull and tatty, there is an infestation of fleas, nails are badly overgrown and a miserable personality will also be present in that animal, and that’s when grooming pets Pretoria will change all that. Every pet owner should be grooming pets Pretoria every 4 -6 weeks religiously, and the results and many benefits will show immediately.

Grooming Pets Pretoria Concluded

Grooming pets Pretoria will not only benefit your pets overall health condition, but this also benefits the family and general feeling of having a pet. It is not comfortable for your pet or the people living with the pet if they are dirty, have skin problems or having fleas jumping all over the place. So if you feel your hairy best mate is due for a bit of TLC then get one of the many parlours who offer grooming pets Pretoria a call to put a shine and a smile to your pet today.

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078 920 5309 (Elene)

012 345 6272 (Office)

PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Grooming Pets Pretoria)

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Grooming Pets Pretoria


Grooming pets Gauteng

As a pet owner you have a wide variety of options when it comes to grooming pets Gauteng. With our wonderful province having a pet in nearly every single home these days, there is a parlour that will cater for every grooming pets Gauteng looks, owner requests, the latest style and health needs. Our pets are important to us, are a big part of our lives and our extended family, so they should be given the treatment they deserve and require.

Grooming pets Gauteng

When a parlour that is grooming pets Gauteng are taking responsibility of your pet you can be confident that he/she will be in complete bliss. Some of our pets may not enjoy the procedure as such but they will be appreciative once the whole grooming process is over. Our pets, like us, do not feel comfortable or healthy if their hygiene is neglected and will get the same satisfied, revitalized feeling we get after we have a shower or a bath.

Grooming pets Gauteng Concluded

Grooming pets Gauteng should include a good shampoo and conditioning from head to tail, nail clipping, flea and tick treatment and dependent on your breed or a specific taste a shave and trim of the coat. Grooming pets Gauteng is a very popular service used by pet owners as we don’t always have the knowledge to carry out these needs for our pets sufficiently. If you require tips or the services of grooming pets Gauteng, please give PetzRush a call on 078 920 5309, we would be happy to assist.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

078 920 5309 (Elene)

012 345 6272 (Office)

PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Grooming pets Gauteng)

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Grooming pets Gauteng

How Poisonous is a Black Mamba

So How Poisonous is a Black Mamba?

If you are on a safari in Southern Africa or just happen to be one of the unfortunate people to come face to face with a Black Mamba then you will probably want to know how poisonous a Black Mamba snake is before even thinking of approaching this snake. The Black Mamba is one of the most deadliest snakes found in the world and just two drops of a Black Mambas venom can kill an adult male. This snake has earned such a reputation in Africa that the bite from the Black Mamba is also referred to as “The Kiss of Death”

How Poisonous is a Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is  a brownish, dark grey colour. The name Black Mamba derives from the inside of the snakes mouth which is black. When a Black Mamba is threatened it raises itself off the ground and opens its mouth, hissing at the enemy. This exposes the black interior of the mouth. They typically grow to a length of 4M. They are not the largest of snakes such the Pythons but this does not influence how poisonous is a Black Mamba. The fangs are also not very large reaching around 7MM. But they pack a mean punch, with multiple, rapid strikes that  inject a large amount of venom.

How Poisonous is a Black Mamba Concluded

To put how poisonous is a Black Mamba in layman’s terms is simple. A bite from this snake will be fatal if anti-venom is not administered. It takes just 30 minutes for the neurotoxic venom to start attacking the nervous system and this is a fast acting venom. This snake is highly aggressive and will attack anyone or anything that tries to corner it or disturb it in any way. The Black Mamba is also the longest venomous snake in Africa and when provoked will raise up in the air to warn you of its intentions. If you are ever in a situation where a Black Mamba is involved the best action to take is to stay well clear and move away slowly, disturbing the snake as little as possible.

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How Poisonous is a Black Mamba

What is a Leopard

So what is a Leopard really?

Many people don’t often hear about Leopards and Leopards are most definitely one of the hardest of the big cats to spot in the wild so there is often a grey area when asked what is a Leopard. Leopards are a part of the big 5 five cats that are found in a few areas around the world and there are a few sub-species of Leopards. The most widely known is the Leopard that resides in Africa, the African Leopard, this is also the most widespread of all the sub-species of Leopards.

What is a Leopard

The nocturnal, carnivorous predator is mostly found lazing in a tree at night with its most recent kill by its side. They are very powerful animals and carry their kill in to trees to avoid there meal being scavenged and stolen by Lions and Hyenas. Leopards usually grow to a weight of around 30-50 KG’s but there have been reports of some reaching closer to 90KG’s. They stand up to 70CM’s tall and can be identified by their long tails and beautiful spots or rosettes. They are a sturdy, muscular animal are often referred to as the more sexier of all the large cats. These are the general characteristics of what make up what is a Leopard.

What is a Leopard Concluded

Leopards are not in general very dangerous but when provoked by humans or a another enemy what is a Leopard to do but retaliate. Leopards and Baboons are arch enemies in the wild and sometimes a Leopard will even attempt to kill a Baboon for feeding purposes. Leopard numbers are quickly diminishing due to hunting that takes place for trophy purposes and many cultures around the world also using certain parts of a Leopard for medicinal purposes. This is a creature of beauty and best enjoyed in their natural habitats when lucky enough to spot one as they are masters of camouflage in the bush. 

PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (What is a Leopard)

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What is a Leopard


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