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When choosing a Pet travel company for your pet shipping arrangements please make sure to do proper research on which Pet travel company would take care of all your personal needs as well as your loved one's needs. To relocate pets one needs a qualified specialist in this field.

When choosing a Pet travel company it is important to keep in mind that your Pet needs to be handled with utmost care from boarding until landing at the specific destination.

We at PetzRush would like to believe that we offer just that. Being a Pet travel company we provide the utmost care and love to your Pet during the Pet shipping process. 

During Pet travel there is a lot of documentation needed at times on the receiving end as well as from the boarding side and it is important that a reputable pet shipping company will be dealing with these special arrangements.

Feel free to email us or send us a message under our CONTACT US tab for any further information or a FREE QUOTE on Pet shipping or Pet travel.

PetzRush Pet travel team is here to make your experience with Pet travel or Pet shipping much easier!

PetzRush Team

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+27 73 746 5671

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Welcome to our new Blog, 

PetzRush will discuss any Pet relocation or Pet transport matters here.

We welcome all our members and viewers and urge you all to thoroughly enjoy our Blog and website.

Relocating Pets Worldwide and Pet Grooming is what we specialize in.

When it comes to Pet transport or Pet travel we always put your needs along with your Pet's needs first.

The relocation of pets or Pet shipping can be very stressful on anyone and that is why we at PetzRush always makes sure that you and your family are completely at ease with the arrangements of your Pet travel project with us.

PetzRush Team 

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Pet Travel Crates for Pet Relocation :

Pet transport and selecting the correct travel crate size for your pet is as easy as ABC! 

Below is a visual guide to the ABC's of pet travel crates :

                                   Pet travel crates YES and NO's






  • Crate is tall enough for pet to stand up comfortably
  • Pet is not having to duck to see out of the crate.



  • Crate is too short for pet to stand up straight.
  • Pet is ducking to see out.



  • Wide enough for pet to turn around comfortably.



  • Not wide enough for pet to turn around comfortably.



  • Long enough for pet to lie down comfortably with paws extended.



  • Not long enough for pet to lie down comfortably with paws extended.


Where to obtain Pet travel crates:

Pet travel crates can be obtained at some Vets and also at certain Pet stores.


PetzRush Team


Pet Travel crates

April 2015 Newsletter from PetNews has been posted in members section  please register and see all the interesting things we have it it regarding Pet travel , Pet relocation etc.

PetzNews Team

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