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To be a Pet owner and love a Pet can be one of the most beautiful things we have today!

We at PetzRush Pet travel always say if you haven't loved a Pet you have NOT lived!

Have a Pet to Love!

Wether a dog, cat, fish or any other pet you might like it is the most wonderful feeling when you feel loved by your Pet.

We urge anyone to love at least once in your life another creature and see just how your life will change! We guarantee this!

Have a Pet and find your companion now!

We at PetzRush absolutely adore every Pet we fly or transport and want everyone to know that we take great care of every single Pet we meet! Have a Pet and experience real true love!

PetzRush Pet travel TEAM!

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Cites listed Animals

CITES listed Animals

CITES (theConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora, also could be known as Washington Convention)

CITES were formed in the 1960s when there was an important international discussion of the trading of Wildlife.

Cites listed Animals today

Today CITES protects more than 35,000 species of Animals and Plants.

If an animal is not CITES listed no CITES Permit is needed for that animal to travel, this does not mean that no Health certificate is needed from any Country of origin or destination.

It is always better to make sure if an animal is CITES listed or not before travelling, as if a mistake is made with a CITES listed animal the results can be catastrophic.


 Permits for Cites listed Animals

Permits for Cites listed Animals must be obtained by an authorized CITES approved authority before any CITES plant/animal may travel.

Please see the CITES website for more information on obtaining CITES  permits or any other CITES information.

CITES listed Animals


Why use Pet travel Agencies?

There are many reasons why it is always in your best interest to use trained professionals in any Pet travel project.

Why use Pet travel agencies?

Some of the reasons below:

1 - Documentation needed for Pet shipping

2 - Pet carriers or Pet travel crates is required

3 - Pet travel professionals knows details for many airlines which is important

4 - Pet travel companies can also get insurance for your pet before travelling

5 - Only certain pet carriers will be approved on airlines

Above are only some important factors which are essential in any Pet travel project around the world.

Keep watching our blog for more updates.

So why use pet travel agencies?

Concluding Why use Pet travel agencies?

When flying abroad with your Pet it is essential that your Pet is safe and comfortable and most Pet travel agencies will have proper experience in what to fly your baby in and what is needed exactly!

We recommend always consulting a professional at all times to save you any unforeseen circumstances ahead.

When you ask yourself 'Why use Pet travel agencies?' please make sure that you read this article at least twice as we cannot put more stress on this topic, its essential that you Pet is well taken care of during transit at all times.

Why use Pet travel agencies?

Why use Pet travel agencies?

We can conclude that your Pet is your child and consulting with a experienced Pet travel agency will absolutely take all the stress off your shoulders and keep your child safe and secure!

Thats why we at PetzRush Pet travel & Kennels will always be here for your Pet travel needs!


PetzRush Pet travel & Kennels TEAM! (Why use Pet travel agencies!)

Why use Pet travel agencies

Pet carriers

Finding the correct Pet carrier or Pet carriers can be a very difficult task at hand but we have all the correct information on our website which you may find here.

Always remember that the carrier should be followed by certain guidelines to make your Pet more comfortable and safe at all times. After all it is your beloved Pet that would be inside so make sure HE / SHE is safe and will surely enjoy the journey.

Pet carriers

When choosing a Pet carrier or a few Pet carriers for your dog or any other pet it is important to remember that the size of this Pet carrier does matter and one should make sure that your loved one is comfortable and feeling at ease at all times.... A not too big and a not too small approach is good.

Pet carriers can be obtained at certain Vets / Malls / Animal Shops and also at times on the airport at the Animal Cargo section. 

There are many different Pet carrier sizes and its always advisable that a Pet carrier specialist gives you the correct measurements and size for your specific Pet. See our section on how to measure your Pet for more info on this?

Picking your Pet carriers

If Pet carriers are picked wrong you might find yourself in a very difficult situation that your Pet might not even be able to board under certain circumstances. This is not what anyone would want for their baby.

So when purchasing Pet carriers please make sure of the regulations first.


Pet carriers

Pet carriers are easily obtainable from Vets / Pet shops.


Pet Carriers

PetzRush Team

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