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A dog shelter is ideal if you are looking to adopt an animal. After all, there are a number of fantastic animals out there just waiting to be adopted. Many of them have not had the greatest life in the world, and when you head to a dog shelter, you will be able to give them the life that they have always dreamed about.
One of the wonderful things about getting your animals from a dog shelter is the fact that you are actually doing your part to ‘help out’. These are animals who have nowhere else to go. Some were abused during the early stages of their life. Other animals were, perhaps, just not suitable for their owner. These animals, sadly, need to be adopted from the dog shelter otherwise there is no guarantee what will happen to them.

Your local dog shelter should have a plethora of different animals for you to choose from. Quite often, it will actually be far cheaper to get a dog from a dog shelter than it would be to go directly to a company which breeds them. You will feel better about yourself too, which is always great.

man woman dog shelter

If your pet is travelling overseas, they will need to have some evidence that they have had the proper dog vaccine that they need. For example, they need to have evidence that they are protected against rabies and the like.

If your animal is being kept in a kennel whilst you are away, you will also need to provide evidence that your dog has had all relevant vaccines. One particularly important dog vaccine, particularly during a kennel stay, is that of ‘kennel cough’.

Your dog may also need a few additional vaccines during the early stages of their life. This way you can ensure that they are as healthy as possible.

Your local vet will be able to provide advice with regards to the type of dog vaccine that your animal needs. They will keep you up to date and tell you when they need to have their vaccine topped up. Remember, if you are using a company to get your pet to travel overseas, then you may also want to talk to them about the type of vaccine that you are going to need to ensure that your animal has.

vaccines 500x333



If you are taking your animal to certain locations, then it is likely that they will need to go into quarantine. This means that you should only be taking them to locations that you are moving to. It really makes no sense to take an animal to a location on ‘holiday’ because it is unlikely that your pet will be out of quarantine before you are done.

The purpose of a petzrush.com" target="_blank" style="color: #4859cb;">quarantine is to ensure that the dog has not have a disease which can easily be spread throughout the country. For example, the vast majority of dogs are going to be checked for rabies and the like.

It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid animal quarantine if you are taking your animal overseas. It can be something that is quite tough to deal with when a person has never travelled with their pet before. It is, therefore, suggested that you choose a pet company that specialises in animals being taken overseas. They will know how to ensure that your pet gets through the quarantine process as quickly as possible. They will also be able to provide you with any helpful information that you may need.

Pet quarantine

Pet quarantine, in this day and age, is important if you are taking your pet overseas to live. Many countries out there have specific pet quarantine requirements.

The main purpose of a petzrush.com" target="_blank" style="color: #2d43cd;">pet quarantine is to ensure that a pet does not bring diseases into a particular country which could have an impact on other pets. For example, there are some countries out there which have basically eradicated rabies, which means they do not want animals bringing rabies into their country.

The actual requirements for pet quarantine do vary from country to country. This is why many people out there will recommend that you work with a company that actually specializes in transporting pets overseas. This is the best way to ensure that your pet is going to get through the process quickly and easily. Remember, the last thing you want to have happen is your pet to be rejected when you are currently living in a new country. This means that you will, sadly, need to say goodbye to your animal. A good company will ensure that things like this never end up happening. They will also keep you up to date each and every step of the way.



Pet travel documents

When travelling with or without your Pet, the National and International documents needed can be very difficult to complete especially the time frame which is usually given or sometimes needed to complete these important documents.

Pet travel documents for every country can differ greatly and we at Petzrush Pet travel advise you to rather consult a professional when attempting to travel with your pet National or International or to send your Pet to a different State or Country.

Importance of Pet travel documents

All Pet travel Documents needed for a pet to travel are of high importance and if any document is missing, not done, forgotten, misplaced or incomplete the outcome or consequences can have a very bad impact on your trip or your pet's trip.

Many Countries needs an Import permit and yet again many do not require an import permit but again this needs to be confirmed way before you / your pet's travel date.

Petzrush Pet travel documents

PetzRush Pet travel can arrange all Pet travel documents needed if requested by our clients at a certain rate as well.

We urge everyone to always be sure of what is needed when it comes to Pet travel documents and what is not!

PetzRush Pet travel TEAM!

Pet travel documents

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