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Small Animal Grooming

So you have chosen a smaller species of the animal kingdom to be a home pet and by now you may know that your little ones need different treatment to the larger varieties, this applies especially to small animal grooming. As with anything in life, smaller things need more care, are more sensitive and are more susceptible to injury and disease, for these reasons when it comes to small animal grooming you need to take the necessary steps and use the right care in order to avoid these things and keep your little one happy.

Small Animal Grooming

When performing the task of small animal grooming you need to be extra careful when handling your pet and be gentle. Their bones are easily broken, their organs are more easily damaged and they are more sensitive to temperature changes. Doing things such as ensuring that they have a surface that provides grip so they can stand securely and not fall, using a jug or a hand held shower nozzle instead of filling a tub with water and making sure that the water temperature is comfortable are all great ways to start grooming small animals in a safe and proper manner that will keep your little one safe and satisfied.

Small Animal Grooming Concluded

Small animal grooming is something you will need to do regularly. Small breeds are more vulnerable to diseases and parasites and you will need to keep a close eye on this. The seasons also have a bigger effect on smaller breeds so it is a better choice to keep their coats longer in winter and shorter in summer so they can better regulate their body temperatures to remain comfortable. As with any breed of dog, large or small, taking them to the vet is a necessity to keep your dog in good health and live a happy life and this is no different when it comes to small animal grooming.

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PetzRush Pet Grooming TEAM! (Small Animal Grooming)

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Small Animal Grooming

Small Animal Grooming


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