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Pet Insurance

Nowadays one could not put enough stress on the topic 'Pet Insurance' all around the world. Our Pets are our children, well we hope for most!

When our child gets hurt, it simply said hurts us. Therefor we strongly recommend that proper Pet insurance are taken or obtained for all your babies / loved ones at all times as we never know when anything could happen and your Pet might need the Insurance!

Pet insurance can be obtained from various Pet Insurance companies and usually is not as costly as one may think and also when needed it will take care of all the medical costs involved that your loved one might need! So well worth it!

Will Pet Insurance save my Pet (Child)

Ask yourself this simple question: 'If you don't have medical insurance and you are in a car accident or any other incident that could incur, and you need upfront funds immediately but cant?' What would you do? How would you be able to pay for the medical costs involved?

The same counts for our Pets, with Pet Insurance our Pets are covered at all times and we as the proud owners may feel at rest that if 'God Forbid' anything happens we have the BEST chance of saving our Pet. Dog insurance, Cat insurance and any other precious Pet needs Pet Insurance!

The age of your Pet will at times also affect your premium on Pet Insurance which is understandable.

Pet Insurance Policies

Pet Insurance policies differ on various reasons.

1 - Advertising: Missing Pet(One can claim back the cost of flyers and posters or other means to track your pet)

2 - Travel cover (Abroad): Pet falls ill, accident etc (You are covered)

3 - Dental: Pet can also have dental cover.


Its always best to consult will the Pet Insurance company to see the various options and what would suite you best!

We hope this article has helped on some information needed about the importance of Pet Insurance.

PetzRush Pet Travel TEAM! (Pet Insurance)

Pet Insurance




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